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We’re all impressed with the cutting edge technology of the iPhone X. However, just because the technology is amazing doesn’t mean it doesn’t get beaten up with everyday use.


Are you sick of having a broken screen or damaged port? We’ll take care of the problem faster than you ever thought possible and if you can’t make it out to see us, we’ll come to you!


Just Call – We Do It All: Screens, Ports, Batteries, and Water Damage


Shattered screen? Water damage? Broken port? No matter what it is that’s taken the life or even just the spark out of your iPhone X, we’ve got you covered.


Our goal is to make things as quick and easy as possible for our treasured customers, so our skilled techs will start with a free diagnostic examination of your iPhone to find out what repairs need to be made and how they need to be made.


These tests are free of charge and we will NEVER pressure you to make a repair you’re not comfortable with us making. It is only when we have found a plan that works for you that we will go forward with a repair and do everything in our power to return your phone to a good-as-new state.


Did your Smartphone Sustain Water Damage?


The iPhone X is yes, technically waterproof, but if you find that It’s acting a little strangely after being exposed to water, It’s possible the water slipped through the small cracks and crevices that have formed after normal wear and tear.


If you allow water to sit very long in the key components of a device, it will cause bigger issues, so the faster you get to a repair professional that can restore your iPhone X, the better.


Can’t remember how to navigate without GPS? We’ll Come to You!


Not in a position to take your phone in for repair? NO SWEAT! At Birmingham iPhone Repair, we COME TO YOU!


If you live or work within a 20 mile radius, all you have to do is schedule a pickup. With winning customer service and repairs that are executed by our fantastic technicians, your iPhone X will be good to go in no time at all.


There’s a reason people are looking up to us as the leaders in iPhone repair.

Bring your iPhone X in today and help us create a repair plan that works for you, on your budget and on your timetable. We’ve got your back, Birmingham!

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