Is your cracked iPhone screen stressing you?

We have a long lasting solution!

Do you own an iPhone and its broken screen keeps stressing you out? The struggle is real! Do you also happen to live in Birmingham AL? If yes, then no need to worry – we’ve got you covered.

You might blaze, roll with the tide, or war like an eagle. No matter which side you’re on though, we’re here to help pick up the pieces after you throw that phone down in disgust at a bad call. We’ve all been there, right?

Or what about the angry ex that tosses your iPhone X off the Hwy 280 overpass? Let us take a look before you buy a new phone.

It may be a cracked screen or an issue where the digitizer LCD combo is not working properly. No matter the issue, we will know where the problem is since cracked screens are our specialty.

Why choose us?

The cost of fixing the LCD touch screen of an expensive Apple phone could cost you quite a lot if you go to the manufacturer’s retail store. Besides, who has time to fight all that 280 traffic on the way to the Summit when our technicians can come to you?

Most of our iPhone repairs are affordable and done in a matter of minutes.

It’s all possible thanks to the skills provided by our technicians as they strive to revive your device.

Years of experience in iPhone screen repair.

Whenever there is a new product version or some new feature in the phones, we make sure we are keeping track of it. We are a local company operating in downtown Birmingham. Over the years, our setup has helped us offer quality iPhone screen repair services at affordable rates to our valued clients in the Magic City.`

Quality services that give you the peace of mind only a 30-day warranty on your repair can provide.

We give you reliability and consistency of work in cell phone screen repair.

If you think that fixing a broken screen undermines the value of your Apple handset, you’re wrong. We’ll make it like new once the broken screen has been fixed. We do all types of iPhone repairs, and we provide a 30-day warranty, low price guarantee, & the fastest local customer support. If you’re either a scorned lover, an angry fan, or anyone else with a damaged or cracked screen, we’ve got your back.

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