Birmingham iPhone Battery Repair Services

We’re some of the best iPhone Battery Repair experts in Birmingham. Our expert technicians provide top-quality service at affordable pricing.

Your phone battery can be damaged due to many different reasons. For example, if you use the wrong charger, it can weaken the battery and eventually damage it.

Our experts are familiar with the most common iPhone battery problems though. If your iPhone is letting you down due to a poor battery, we are the local experts for you to contact in Birmingham, Hoover, Mountain Brook and all the surrounding areas. We’ll even meet you at your home or business to save you time with on-site iphone repair.

We try our very best to guarantee our customers top quality service. Our experts have been working to repair different battery issues common in iPhone models, and we offer speedy service at our office or yours. Call us or fill out our online contact form and we will be happy to help you.

Why trust us for iPhone Battery Repair?

Quick  and reliable service

We know you need your iPhone up and working NOW. There is no need to wait for a battery to get shipped. Not with our extensive inventory.

We start by assessing your battery condition and repair it or replace if needed.

Our iPhone repair experts will assess your iPhone battery and advise you whether to replace or if we can just fix it.

Our main aim is to offer you the best solutions so that your phone can serve you reliably.

Rates even the Alabama Hammer can’t beat

If you’ve been in a accident, you get an attorney to fight for you. But who’s fighting to keep your phone working for you? Hopefully no one took a hammer to your screen, but when accidents do happen, we’re here to save you money and prevent a costly replacement.

Highly experienced professionals

All our experts are highly trained to offer you the best service at affordable prices. Can’t get away from the office this week? Don’t stress! We’ll come to your home or business and repair your phone in no time.

iPhone Battery Repair & Replacement Experts Technicians in Birmingham, AL

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Professional Techs

Trained and experienced technicians. 30-day warranties on all repair work.

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Screen repairs done within 2 hours or less.

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The right tools for the right job. Don't ruin your phone with DIY repairs. Hire an expert.

Saving YOU Money

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