We start every single iPhone 8 repair with a risk and monetarily free diagnostic exam to determine exactly which of our repair plans and services is going to work best for you and your device.


This exam will help our talented technicians identify any software and hardware issues that might be disrupting the life of your phone and take care of the heart of your iPhone 8 issues. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, fast and affordable work, and our expert repairs. Give us a shout today and help us help you!


iPhone 8 Seen Better Days? We’ve Got You Covered!


Broken screen? Water damage? Battery issues? If you’re letting yourself suffer from dropping your phone, just remember that you don’t have to!


Our talented technicians can cover repairs far and wide and are ready and willing to take on any repair with a 30 Day warranty in case the repair wasn’t made properly or you aren’t satisfied. Whatever the trouble is that you’re facing with your iPhone 8, don’t do it alone! We’re here to help.


Friendly and Reliable Customer Service You Can Count On


Few iPhone repair companies have customer service that has their customers coming back again and again, but we pride ourselves on customer service you can count on.


We’re not just technicians, we’re friends. And when something happens to your iPhone 8 and it isn’t working, we make it our top priority to fix it to top specifications.


Can’t Leave the Office? We’ll Come to You


Stuck at work? Having trouble finding time to bring your iPhone in for repair?

Don’t Sweat It! Birmingham iPhone Repair will cater to your needs and help you in every way possible to get your phone up and running smoothly again. And sometimes that means that we get to COME TO YOU!


That’s right! Our technicians will travel within a 20 mile radius just to come fix your iPhone 8 parts!

So if you’re in a bind and you can’t find time to come to us, we’ll come to you and save you the trouble. Call Today for a free diagnostic and a quote!


There’s a reason why Birmingham iPhone Repair is one of the leading iPhone repair companies in Birmingham. Ready to give us a shot? Call today!

iPhone 8 Broken Screen Repairs in Birmingham, AL

LED Screens

Expert LED screen repairs at affordable rates.

Phone Parts Repairs

Parts repair you can count on. From wifi modules to home buttons, we fix it all.

Professional Techs

Trained and experienced technicians. 30-day warranties on all repair work.

Phone Screen Repairs

Screen repairs done within 2 hours or less.

Repair Tools

The right tools for the right job. Don't ruin your phone with DIY repairs. Hire an expert.

Saving YOU Money

Credibly brand standards compliant users without extensible services.

Start Your Repair

Schedule a time with us to repair your iPhone. Please leave any questions and details that may be helpful.