If a tragic accident or other software issue has left your favorite and trusty iPhone 7 Plus on the sidelines and you’re looking for a speedy repair plan, we’re here to help you.


We offer high-quality and trusted iPhone 7 Plus repairs from our expert technicians

that can often be accomplished in record time and at a price you won’t go broke paying.


At Birmingham iPhone repair, we think that repairs for your iPhone 7 Plus should be made without hassle and as quickly as possible, so we’re working to make that the case every single day.


iPhone 7+ Users – We’ve Got You Covered with Expert Repairs


Are you and your phone suffering from a broken screen, water damage, a software issue or too little space? WE’RE HERE TO HELP at a reasonable price and with high-quality replacement parts and excellent customer service. We even keep a full inventory of batteries in stock. If you’ve tried all the usual power-saving tips and tricks, but your batteries still draining too fast, we’ll replace it in record time.


We’ll give your phone a free diagnostic exam to find out where the issues are stemming from and then create a plan that we won’t initiate until we have gotten your approval.


All of our repairs are made with the help of our talented technicians, so you never have to worry about the outcome. Besides, we offer a 30-day warranty on repair work. With a little help from Birmingham iPhone Repair, your phone will be as good as new in no time. 


Cell Phone Repair with Top-Notch Customer Service that’s Tailored to You:


We believe that no business can be successful without service that is polite, careful, understanding and friendly. That’s why our biggest concern is keeping you happy and getting your iPhone ready to roll through those social media feeds again.


We take great pains to provide service that is always one step ahead of everyone else. Just check out our price lists and compare us to the competition. And perhaps that’s why we always seem to be one step ahead of all of the other iPhone repair services in Birmingham. Give us a call today and put us to the test!


Cell Phone Repair Service that’s just as Mobile as your Phone?


What if we told you we offered a service that would come to you to fix your iPhone 7 Plus? Don’t think such a company exists? We do!


At Birmingham iPhone Repair, we’ll drive anywhere within a 20 mile radius to help you and your phone get back in business again. It doesn’t matter if you’re stuck at work, don’t have the transportation, or just don’t have the time to come to us, because we’ll COME TO YOU!


At Birmingham iPhone Repair, you are our biggest priority. And that’s why we work continually to remain a favorite in Birmingham when it comes to iPhone 7 Plus repairs. Need a little phone help? Give us a call (maybe on a friend’s phone) or click today for more information and a risk free diagnosis!

iPhone 7 Plus Broken / Damage Screen Repairs and Parts Replacement Services in Birmingham, AL

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Expert LED screen repairs at affordable rates.

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