Lightning-Fast Repairs for your iPhone 7


Nobody should have to put up with a broken iPhone 7, so we brainstormed and have created a repair plan that is quick, easy, and affordable.


Every iPhone 7 repair begins with a risk and monetarily free diagnostic exam, which will determine what repair services will work best for your particular situation. Everyone is going to be different, and everyone’s phones are different, too.


That’s why we’ll do a diagnosis first so that we can identify any and all software and hardware issues and then direct you on the best course of action, so we can get your iPhone 7 back in working order!


Expert Service – We’ve Got You Covered


If your iPhone 7 has experienced water damage, cracking, slow processing and more, the technicians at Birmingham iPhone Repair are here to help you get your phone back on it’s…port!


With our free diagnostic test, we’ll be able to find out what’s causing the issue and get it fixed up ASAP so you can be on your way again in no time.


We also offer a free diagnosis for water damage, so if you’re not sure whether or not a new phone needs to be on the agenda, let us help you find the answer so you’re not wondering just how much damage your phone has suffered and if a repair is worth it.


Friendly Customer Service You Can Rely On:


Our #1 priority at all times when it comes to you and your phone is making sure that you’re happy with your repair inside and out.

Our courteous and friendly technicians are experienced in their field and are prepared to take on difficult challenges to make sure you’re happy with the outcome of your repair.


At Birmingham iPhone repair, you can trust that our customer service is top notch and that’s why we will remain one of Birmingham’s favorite places to go for iPhone 7 repair.


Too Busy to Fix Your Phone? We’ll Come to You:


One of the best things at Birmingham iPhone repair is that no matter what, come rain or shine, we’ll be there to help you, on your schedule within a 20 mile radius of our location.


That’s right! Birmingham iPhone Repair will COME TO YOU to get your iPhone 7 up and working the way it should.

Next time your in a bind with a phone that isn’t functioning, don’t sweat it, because Birmingham iPhone Repair will be there to help every step of the way. Give us a call TODAY!


At Birmingham iPhone Repair, our customers are our #1 priority and the first thing on the agenda every day. Are you dealing with problems related to your iPhone 7? Did the screen get broken, or has it suffered some water damage? Give is a call and let us help you get your phone on the road to recovery.

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Expert LED screen repairs at affordable rates.

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