Even when we’re striving to be careful and have the best case that money can buy for our precious iPhone 6S Plus, it still can get a little beaten up with all day, everyday use.


If you’re sick of dealing with that same broken screen, water spot or damaged port on your iPhone 6S Plus,

we’ll give it a free, no-risk diagnostic and make the necessary repairs with high-quality parts and stellar customer service.

Don’t let you or your phone suffer the embarrassment of a busted screen. Give us a call today and we’ll help you out!


We Do It All: From Batteries to BlueTooth


Our #1 goal and absolute priority is to make iPhone repairs like yours as quick and easy as possible for our customers.

This is why when we begin working with you, we’ll start with a diagnostic exam that will determine the issues your phone might be dealing with so that we can, (with your permission!) move forward with a repair.


These tests are free of charge and we will, under no circumstances ever pressure you to make a repair that you’re not 100% comfortable with us making.


Customer Service Made For You and your iPhone


There’s a reason why we’re Birmingham’s favorite when it comes to iPhone 6S Plus repairs. We strive in everything to be experts at what we do, and that includes our winning customer service.


With a friendly atmosphere, kindness and a willingness to help you get your phone back where it should be, we’re certain that we’ll be a favorite of yours in no time. If you’d like to put our excellence in customer care to the test, give us a call and let us help you with your iPhone 6S Plus repairs TODAY!


Busy Workday? We’ll Come to You:


Don’t get stuck without a working phone! These days, our phones help us in too many ways to be out of service for long.


That’s why if you find that you’re having trouble finding time or can’t make it to our office, we’ll drive within a full 20 miles of our location to help you get your phone back in the show.


Our skilled technicians are more than happy to take a little extra time out of their day to help you because our customers are our #1 priority and we believe in treating them like family.


At Birmingham iPhone Repair, we put the service in Customer Service.

Our skilled technicians and friendly atmosphere make us one of Birmingham’s favorite places to be for iPhone 6S Plus repairs. Give us a call or click today for more ways that we can help you.

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