Frequently asked question

Depending on the extent of your problem, the repair can be as fast as ten minutes, or may require a few days due to scheduling. Special repairs and adjustments may also require us to order special parts, which may take several days to come in and thus extend the time it would normally take to make a repair. Despite this being the case, we will try our best to work around you and help you in any way possible while make repairs and be sure to answer any questions or concerns you might have about your phone repair.

Absolutely! We service anyone within a 20 Mile Radius and will be more than happy to schedule a time and place for pickup so that the necessary repairs can be made to your phone. We’ll gladly work around your schedule and deliver quality results you won’t get anywhere else.

We do our incredible work from Innovation Depot on 1st Avenue N, in downtown Birmingham. Please be sure to call ahead, text, or message us online so we can greet you at the front door upon your arrival. Every customer experience matters to us,so we want to work to make yours unforgettably special! Get driving directions here.

Most definitely! Are you in a hurry? Be sure to drain the battery at or below 25% prior to bringing us the phone for battery replacement. This will allow us to execute the battery replacement significantly faster and help you get back on the road and ready to roll.

All iPhone parts repairs are welcome! However, we wouldn’t want to waste your time, so prior to bringing in a phone that has sustained extensive water damage, do a quick troubleshooting test for yourself. Are you able to turn it on? Can you open apps or access the file system? What about snapping a picture, or listening to music both with or without headphones? Run your test, see what works and what doesn’t and decide then whether or not you want to bring it in. We’ll take a look at it for you without charge and help you assess and find out if it’s worth repair or if it’s more cost-effective for you to purchase a new phone.

This answer to this question depends on a multitude of factors that can all play into a device that just doesn’t want to power up. It could be as simple as running out of battery charge, or as complex as motherboard damage from overheating. Before you panic though, there are a few things you can try before deciding to call the experts.

Try restarting your phone by holding down the sleep/power button for several seconds. You can also try plugging in your device and making sure it has at least a minimum charge, because some phones won’t start until they have a certain amount of battery to run with. If your phone still won’t start after trying these things, we’ll be more than happy to help as soon as we can to get your phone running normally.

Whether it be from little available space, a new iOS update or there’s too many cookies and data on the system and it’s time for a flush, we’ll help you find a fast and reliable answer with the help of our experienced technicians. With a little work and some TLC, your phone should be up and running as fast (or possibly even faster!) than it ever has before.

The most common issues associated with iPhone speakers not functioning properly are waterlogging, dropping a phone or some other action that might involve a sudden jolt that could damage the phone’s interior and thus cause connection issues or something of the sort. Whatever the cause, we will seek to locate and resolve the issue with the help of our incredible technicians. Give us a call today!

YES! We offer a 30 day warranty on all repairs because we believe that it’s our responsibility if you end up with a bad part or otherwise incorrectly performed repair. We will be more than willing and happy to make the repair with a good part, free of charge within the 30 day warranty.

It really all depends on your phone model and the extent of damage. If you already have a good idea of what the problem is, just head on over to our pricing page. You can compare our prices against the local average and save time on price shopping.

Your cell phone is personal....

It’s uniquely yours. FIlled with your favorite apps and a contact list of the most important people in your life.

We know how much your phone means to you. That’s why we treat it with the same care and respect we would our own.

Our expert technicians are fast and efficient but more importantly, we take care to protect your phone from further damage during the repair.

Our goal – to keep you SnapChatting and Candy Crushing for years to come. We’re Birmingham iPhone Repair. Read our FAQ to learn more.