Driving Directions to Birmingham iPhone Repair

Can’t see your driving directions on a broken screen? Is the broken speaker in your cell phone not letting you hear Siri give driving directions? We can relate! After all, we deal with broken iPhone screens and parts all day. That’s why we went old school here…


Reference this map if you need to find our retail location by referencing common suburbs and landmarks around Birmingham. And if you can’t make it to us, we’ll come pick up your phone and repair it while you wait. Give us a call at 205-235-3059 and we’ll make your phone like new again.


Why Choose Birmingham iPhone Repair?


It’s all in the name! If you’re in or around Birmingham and you have a broken or cracked screen, faulty bluetooth, or any other issues, just bring it to us. We keep parts in stock for the most common iPhone models from the 5S all the way up to the new iPhone X.


iPhone 7 repairs, parts, service work.


Most common repair issues can be fixed in an hour or less, and you can either wait in our office while we work on your phone or we can come to you if you can’t break away from work long enough to get your cell phone fixed.


Going to the manufacturer sometimes costs more than dealing with an independent local shop. Plus, who really wants to fight the Hwy 280 traffic? Our office has plenty of parking available and easy access from both I-65 and the 280 Expressway. Give us a call at 205-235-3059 or email repair@birminghamiphonerepair.com to schedule your repair today.


1500 1st Avenue North

Birmingham, Alabama 35203