What Are “Right to Repair” Laws, and What Do They Mean for You?

what are right to repair laws?


Wondering why it’s so difficult to repair a smartphone, computer or any other electronic gadgets by yourself? Well, manufacturers make them that way as they don’t want customers to be ableRead more

iPhone Battery and Power Tips and Tricks

iPhone Battery and Power Tips and Tricks


The most important and critical technology on any mobile device isn’t the screen quality, size or the camera. Not even the storage space or cloud services. It’s the battery.Why? Think of it this way. What would be the use of all those features if you can’t Read more

How to fix an iPhone (or iPad) that won't charge its battery

how to fix an iphone or ipad that won't charge it's battery


Annoyed with your iPhone or iPad that won’t charge? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, this is a common issue even on non-Apple products. Charging ports and cables are the weak points of several tablet and smartphone brands for various reasons, two of them are as follows:Read more

How to choose the right iPhone repair shop?

how to choose the right iphone repair shop - birmingham, al


Most of you will agree that iPhones aren’t cheap devices that you can purchase on a whim, but it’s undeniably the best mobile phone on the market, right? But just like any other electronic gadget, these expensive smartphones are also susceptible to damage and issues from time to time.Read more