All About Birmingham iPhone Repair

Hi, I’m Caleb Romanowitz and I’m your local iPhone repair specialist here in Birmingham.

My team is here to help with expert electronics repair and

we specialize in on-site cell phone repair.

That’s right – We come to your home or business to quickly diagnose and fix your phone. You can also visit our convenient location in downtown Birmingham. We have convenient parking and coffee while you wait.


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Quality iPhone Repairs at Competitive Prices

With everyone from your nephew in college to the shop in the mall offering to fix your phone, it can be tough to make a decision. Do you go for low-cost and risk damaging your phone further or do you go with a professional cell phone repair shop?

Price does not always dictate the standard or quality of service your iPhone will receive. However, it usually works as an effective indicator of what can be expected. We ensure that the quality of your phone and its parts are not interfered with, while also keeping our costs low to pass on the savings to you.

At Birmingham iPhone Repair we offer iPhone repair services at a very reasonable price.

We don’t compromise the quality of our services, ever. Reach out for fast and affordable expert repair.

iPhone Repair Service at Home: Professional Specialists in Birmingham, AL

The Quality in Our Services

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We offer the absolute best services and solutions at an affordable price.


We will make sure that nothing happens without you being aware of it. We believe in total transparency and keeping our customers updated. The cost and the process will be briefed to you before work begins.

Reliable Results

Our team of expert technicians guarantees that you'll receive a great working phone after we are done with it. If anything goes wrong we fix it with our 30-day warranty.

Time Pressure

In an ideal scenario, it usually takes about twenty to thirty minutes to swap-out the screen of an iPhone, however, since the phone's damage is unpredictable, it sometimes takes an hour or more to do it properly. When technicians repair an iPhone under pressure, they make mistakes. We don't rush, our experience makes us fast. We understand the importance of your phone and we assure you that the repair will be done patiently and cautiously. Our expert technicians have the required skill and experience to get you back to business today.

Screen Quality

We understand that iPhones are the best phones on the market with world class parts. We also understand how the parts work, especially the screens. The screens of the iPhones are considered to be one of the most important parts. iPhone screens usually come in four grades; Genuine Apple grade, 'AA' grade, 'A' grade, and 'B' grade. We assure you that we will take extra care of your screen while repairing your iPhone.

Workmanship Quality

We understand that an iPhone is a complex assembly with more than a dozen small screws & at least ten different screw sizes. Each item can't be swapped or mixed with another. We are expert in repairing iPhones and understanding the configuration of the device. We use the right techniques, right parts, and right tools. Repairing an iPhone consists of more than fifty steps & if done incorrectly, the phone might get damaged permanently. We will make sure that all the steps are followed correctly and patiently.

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