Got an iPhone 6 with a broken screen but unsure where to get it replaced? Well, congratulations because you came across this article. And I must say, your search is finally over.


iphone 6 screen repair in birmingham


Birmingham iPhone Repair service is probably the best place to bring your iPhone 6 for screen replacement and let us tell you why.


Affordable Same Day Professional Repairs


Fixing the LCD touch screen of your iPhone 6 can cost a lot if you decide to go to the manufacturer. Why pay more if you can get the same expert repair at a much cheaper cost? It’s one of the best options out there.


Our team consists of expert iPhone technicians that can finish most screen repairs in less than an hour or the same day, depending on the severity of the damage. In most cases,  it takes only about twenty to thirty minutes to replace the screen of an iPhone 6, given there is no other serious damage on the phone.




In cases where your iPhone’s situation needs a little more time, believe us it’s worth it, and you wouldn’t regret waiting because we ensure you an excellent operational phone once we’re done with it. That’s right – 30 day replacement guarantee on all repairs!


On-site Repair Service


Too good to be true, but you heard that right. If you’re too busy to visit our convenient location in downtown Birmingham, we’ll come to you! So call us, sit back and relax. Will be there in no time. How great is that? Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Just check out reviews on Google.


30-Day Repair Warranty for Added Peace of Mind


We only offer reliable and consistent iPhone screen repair. And we’re 100% confident about the quality of work that we provide. We ensure you a fully operational like-new iPhone, once its screen has been fixed. But for added peace of mind, we back all our repairs with a 30-day repair warranty. So put your fears to rest.


Experienced and fully-trained technicians


We are a team of fully trained and experienced iPhone repair technicians. We’ve been through a lot of screen repairs, and we can confidently say that we’re the special forces of screen repair. Because of our experience, repairs are finished as swiftly as possible. When you know what you’re doing, time is your friend.


We also ensure we keep track of new product versions and new features in the phones. So maybe it’s a previous version or a new release, you need not worry just call.


So which is the best and most trusted place to bring your iPhone 6 for a screen replacement? We can proudly say, it’s Birmingham iPhone Repair and it’s us!  We are professional iPhone repair shop offering iPhone screen repair, iPhone battery repair, and iPhone parts repair. Reach out for a no-pressure price quote. Call us now at (205) 660-6058.