cracked iPhone X screen - warranty cover it?

I bet you’re here because you’re starting to freak out about your precious iPhone X’s cracked screen. I know how it feels. Been there, done that, and it’s something I wouldn’t want to encounter ever again.


But accidents do happen. And if you’ve got a cracked iPhone screen on your hands, the first thing that you need to do is to keep calm and read on.


So is a cracked screen covered by Apple’s 1-year warranty? I’d like to say yes, but it actually depends on the type of crack or break. (Still better than a “no” right?).


Only hairline Cracks are covered by Apple’s 1-year warranty


A hairline crack is basically a single line on your screen and the only type of break or crack that is actually covered by Apple’s 1 -year warranty. Apple considers this as a defect in the glass and therefore, they will replace your device for free within the first year or within the first two years if you purchased AppleCare+, Apple’s extended warranty plan. Other signs of damage or obvious impact on the device like multiple cracks or a spider web crack will not be covered.


If you’re still reading, it’s safe for me to say that your iPhone has more than just a hairline crack. If so, let us help you get to know what options you have when it comes to replacing your iPhone X’s cracked screen.


Take it to Apple for repair or replacement.


Of course, you’re first go-to repair center is Apple itself. Even if your iPhone’s condition is no longer covered by warranty, you can always bring it to Apple and pay the appropriate repair or replacement fees that may range from $29 to $549 depending on the iPhone model and if the whole device needs to be replaced or just the screen. There are after cheaper and more convenient options though, so read on.


Check out Apple’s official website for the complete details of repair or replacement fees.


No nearby Apple store? Mail it to AppleCare.


If you’re far away from an Apple store, but you want Apple to handle the repair of your device you can still get help. Call AppleCare at -800-APL-CARE (1-800-275-2273) or go to and set up a mail-in repair.


It’s important to note though that AppleCare will charge you the full cost of the device as a collateral if they send you the replacement first.


If you’re not into this kind of pricing set up, keep reading.


Bring it to a trusted iPhone repair service shop in your area.


If the above two options are something that would not work for you, the last but the most sensible option you have is to choose a trusted iPhone repair service in your area like Birmingham iPhone Repair. Aside from the fact that it usually costs less, depending on the severity of the damage on your phone, you can also get your beloved device back up and running the same day.


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