iPhone Battery and Power Tips and Tricks


The most important and critical technology on any mobile device isn’t the screen quality, size or the camera. Not even the storage space or cloud services. It’s the battery.Why? Think of it this way. What would be the use of all those features if you can’t even open up your phone because the battery’s dead? Seems right, eh? But unfortunately,  most people don’t pay too much attention to it until it’s starting to cause them major problems, especially when they need their phones the most.


Just recently, Apple has made some pretty big advancements with regards to iPhones battery performance; which has been implemented on iPhone 8 and iPhone X, especially on the larger plus models. However, for old iPhone users, battery performance is still a bit problematic.


Nevertheless, iPhones are still the best among the rest. That is when it’s working properly. But when you get to the 30% battery life mark before lunch, it starts to get very annoying. And I bet most iPhone users would agree with me here. So Birmingham iPhone Repair is bringing you these top 10 insanely amazing yet simple tips that will not only make your iPhone battery life last longer but will enhance the phone’s overall performance as well. Let’s get started!

Enable Wi-Fi Assist

You might already know that Wi-Fi sucks a ton of battery from your iPhone. And the problem is, your phone will usually try to hold on to a Wi-Fi signal even if you’ve only got one bar on your battery. And this drains your battery like crazy but this can be prevented by enabling Wi-Fi assist so that your iPhone will automatically switch over to cellular data connection when Wi-Fi signal gets too low. But keep in mind that you may eat up more of your data plan by enabling this option.


Enable Wi-Fi Assist, by going to Settings > Cellular and toggle the switch next to Wi-Fi Assist to ON.

Enable Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode feature had been introduced to iOS 9. This feature automatically turns off all apps that take most of your iPhone’s battery when it hits 20% and more so at 10%. But most people are unaware that this can be enabled at any time to conserve battery life.


To enable Low Power Mode, go to Settings > Battery and toggle the switch to ON (green) next to Low Power Mode.

Stop Motion Effects

No, we’re not talking about claymation movies from the early 90’s here. What I’m referring to is STOPPING the motion effects on your phone screen. These motion effects are referred to as the parallax effect. They were introduced by Apple to give flat icons some depth, but like any other process that requires movement, this feature eats up a lot of your battery life. So if you want to save some battery, consider turning it off.


To disable parallax effect go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > and toggle the switch to ON (green).

Disable Dynamic Backgrounds

Ever used those cool wallpapers that have subtle movement in them? Those are another motion feature on your iPhone that takes up a lot of battery like the parallax effect. So if you’re trying to conserve battery life, it would be best to use a still image for your wallpaper.


Get rid of the dynamic images by going to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper and select a wallpaper from the “Stills” selection.

Turn Auto-Brightness on

High screen brightness eats up a ton of your battery’s life because the extra light needed to illuminate your screen requires a lot of power which drains your battery faster. It would be best to lower your screen’s brightness when it’s bright and adjust it a bit higher when it’s dark.


To let your iPhone automatically adjust to external brightness levels, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > and toggle the Auto-Brightness switch to ON (green).

Manually reduce screen brightness

You can also manually set your iPhone’s screen brightness level to your preference.


To do so, Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > and reduce the brightness level by adjusting the slider.

Turn Bluetooth off

Though the latest iPhone has Bluetooth 4.1 also known as Bluetooth Low Energy or BLE which uses a lot less power than earlier versions, it still takes up a lot of power. So turning your Bluetooth device off when not in need, would help you conserve your much-needed battery life.


To disable your Bluetooth, simply swipe up from the bottom of any screen in iOS to bring up the Control Center. Then tap the Bluetooth button so it turns black.

Turn 4G off

4G is an undeniably important advancement on mobile networks. And we’re just a few weeks away from 5G it seems! But it uses a lot more power than the traditional 3G connection. Fortunately, all iPhones that can connect to a 4G network are still able to connect to a 3G network and you can always get a 3G signal practically anywhere. So if you’re running low on power or just wanting to save power, and fast internet isn’t much of a necessity, consider turning your 4G connection off.


To do this, simply go to Settings > Cellular > Voice & Data and select 3G.

Turn your Wi-Fi off.

More often than not, Wi-Fi is something that we don’t really need when we are out and about. Though it’s extremely useful when we’re at home or at the office as we can save up on our data plans, we don’t need to have it enabled all the time. Consider turning it off so it won’t constantly look for available Wi-Fi networks that can certainly drain your battery.


To disable your Wi-Fi, swipe up from the bottom of your iPhone to bring up the Control Center and tap the Wi-Fi button so it turns black.

Turn Siri off

This one’s our favorite. Why? Because everytime I say “seriously” she seems to want to chime in. It’s annoying, but I still can’t live without voice search.


As a default in iOS, Siri is always working on the background waiting for you to talk to her, which means she’s taking up a bit of your battery’s life. So if you’re really not using her, it would be better to turn her off and just turn it on whenever needed.


To turn Siri off, head into Settings > General > Siri and then toggle the switch to OFF (white) next to Allow “Hey Siri”.


Try them out and do more with an enhanced battery life on your beloved iPhone.